Monday, September 24, 2012

Elle Varner's "Perfectly Imperfect"

Elle Varner’s “Perfectly Imperfect” album released on August 3rd, 2012.  She’s no where near “new” to music at all.  Both of her parents are songwriters and she actually often accompanied her parents to recording studios for sessions.  She even divulged that at a young age, her parents would even ask her opinions and suggestions on their music.  Visit her website at  Elle Varner was born in Los Angeles and grew up in the outskirts of the LA.  She attended Amazing Grace Conservatory, Hamilton High School under the Academy of Music and even received a spot in New York University’s Clive Davis Program of Recorded Music.  So understand, there’s no rookie behind “Perfectly Imperfect”, just a pearl gracefully leaving the mollusk to shine.

We all are familiar with “Only Wanna Give it To You”, her first single featuring J. Cole.  She actually started writing the song as a teenager and it’s one of her most loved hits from the album.  The clever lyrics switch from her potential interest in a guy to her obsession with shoes.  Her ability to grasp a concept and take each piece of the concept apart to create something catchy is also exhibited in her second single “Refill”. 

Her newest single release is “I Don’t Care”, paired with the video to the right. Her video shows unlikely couples, their love, and their obvious struggles.  Once again, Varner keeps substance in her music with great lyrics and composition, and reels us in for the kill with awesome melodies in her hooks. 

Her more soul-esque tracks include Not Tonight, Welcome Home, Sound Proof Room which all show off her range and skill.   

The percussion and strings in “Oh What a Night” is sick alone without her skilled vocals, and it definitely has potential to be a radio single. Speaking of strings, “Damn Good Friends” is just Elle and guitars in ¾ time.  She definitely pushes the limits and goes for what is different, yet beautiful.

“Stop the Clock” slows the album back down and utilizes awesome chords throughout the song, and the track “ticks” like a clock during her verses.  What more could you ask for?

The last and my personal favorite is “So Fly”.  This track discusses our society’s idea of outer and inner beauty.  It reminds me of TLC’s “Unpretty”.  The substance of this track overpowers the melody and the background. It’s awesome that she picked such a mellow accompaniment for a song with such a strong message and it will no doubt speak to the hearts of younger girls today. 

“Perfectly Imperfect” is a great album, with “radio” tracks to vibe to, rhythm and blues tracks to relate to, and just plain good music to hold on to. Elle Varner’s album can be purchased for $7.99 on iTunes and $6.99 on Amazon



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