Friday, June 7, 2013

Xbox One May Impact Our Television Viewing Experience

     The Xbox One has been revealed recently and has been in news articles and blogs alike.  Operating under the Windows OS (operating system).  This powerful system will allow for game play, video chatting, television and film   As a gaming console, the Xbox One will display “cinematic” and realistic graphics ( Games will automatically update in the background while gamers do other things.  In addition, the games will continue to “play”, even when the gamer is not.  This technology is considered the gamer’s “shadow”, and it will act how the gamer would normally play during gameplay.  So what does this mean for media?
streaming, applications, and web surfing.

    In our inundated age of media online, in print, in music, and in film, the Xbox One could be an interesting outlet for media publishing and distribution. It is incredibly easy to publish and share content with technology and access.  With technology like smart televisions and the Xbox One, viewing and enjoying entertainment content has become extremely personalized for the viewer.  No longer does a family have to purchase an expensive cable bundle to enjoy their favorite content.   Consumers can download applications and content that interest them. These alternatives deliver only the content the consumer desires. 

       With mass adoption, the Xbox One could open up the television to a new experience.  Our internet has allowed the knowns and unknowns, alike and unalike, to compete on a more level terrain.  If television can assimilate into this process, business models of major studios nationwide may crumble.  Although this sounds like a frightening time for entertainment publishing and distribution, it is also an exciting and defining time to live in.  Watching every moment unfold is a privilege for those living to see it.
Application developers for the Xbox One could easily release applications that showcase and recognize independent content creators, from filmmakers to musicians.


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